Burn Time: What is it? Why does it Matter?

Almost 4 years in, and Flicker Box still tries to stay true to it's original mission: to connect candle makers to candle lovers! In addition to financially supporting our chandlers, we want to make sure all of subscribers are happy with what we curate!

There are many factors that the Flicker Box team considers when choosing a quality, artisanal candle. Those include, scent throw and type, wax type, container and packaging, uniqueness, cost and burn time. Not always, but often, a candle maker will make it known how long their candles will last. This is known as "burn time". You'll find it written in the description while shopping for candles online, and sometimes on the label of the candle itself. 

One of the very reasons to love soy wax (as opposed to paraffin types) is that soy is known to burn longer than other types of wax. Our small batch makers always use alternative forms of wax, whether palmwax, beeswax or soy wax. It's easy to see a giant candle in the mall with a fragrance that knocks you over, but bigger isn't always better. Remember QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.

The candles we chose, we chose specifically because they pack a lot of punch into small packaging that we can easily ship to your doorstep. For instance, a 14.5oz Yankee Candle lasts 40 hrs. Likewise, the 3 wick Slatkin & Co (BBW candles) 14.5oz candle lasts just 30hrs (both brands are made from paraffin wax). Compare that to just one of our favorite brands, Mosley Lane, who creates an 11oz mason jar that lasts for 55+ hours AND is made from American grown soy beans AND supports a small batch candle company from within the US. And those little travel tins we often include in our box (ranging from 2oz-8ozs) often burn for 20+ hours!

So when you're comparing the cost and quality and a candle be sure to know what you are paying for! Sure, the huge candles FEEL like they last forever, but they really don't. Be sure to ALWAYS look out for burn time.

Just a heads up that our February box will include 105 hours of burn time....that's burning one candle each day for the month of February for almost 4 hours/day for as low as $32/month!

Subscribe today before the deadline and get your perfectly curated Flicker Box right to your doorstep!

The Essential 5 Steps to (Properly) Burn Your Candle

After nearly 4 years, Flicker Box has probably seen a 1 million candles roll through our HQ so we feel like we have a little bit...a tiny bit...of authority on candles. 

It seems like a no-brainer: get your candle, light the wick, and enjoy! BUT, hold up! There are some things you should know AND can do to get the most out of your candles. We've created the Essential 5 Steps to (Properly) Burn Your Candle below. Take a look!

Numero Uno: Before you light your candle each time, trim your wicks to 1/4". Use a wick trimmer (hey, we sell those!). Push it down right to the wax (when it's dry) and snip the wick. Do this each time before lighting your candle.

Why? In doing so, you are ensuring that the flame while burning doesn't get too large. Safety first, my friends! It also protects your candle from burning too fast.

An untrimmed candle has that black kinda-mushroom-esque shaped lump on the top of the wick. ALWAYS remove that before burning. This gives you a much cleaner and brighter burn. 

And secondly, excessively long wicks are a top cause of those ugly gray and black stains that end up on your glass jar candles, and sometimes your hands and walls. Trimming the wick keeps the flame in control and prevents those marks from forming.

Two: Your candle has a memory! Really?! Yes!

The first time you light your candle, let it burn for a couple of hours to get a good wax pool growing (I'm referring to the melted wax that sits on top of your candle). You'll want to see the melted wax meet the edge allllllll the way across. If you don't get your melted wax to the edge of the candle, you'll begin tunneling. Tunneling is when you burn your candle straight down the middle of the candle, leaving lots of wasted wax and fragrance thus shortening the life of your candle ( I know you have jars of these sitting around your house!) Get your money's worth, friends...grow your wax pool.

Number 3: Don't burn your candle for more than 4 hours at a time. If you want to burn it all day, blow out your candle, trim your wick and relight. Again, preventing the flame from getting too big, saving yourself and your containers from black soot and preventing those really ugly mushroom capped wicks.

Cuatro: Do your best to keep your burning candle away from fans, air conditioners, open windows, or heavily trafficked areas where people walk back and forth a lot. Moving air can disturb the flame, leading to even more unsightly black marks on the glass OR better yet, a broken candle jar. If a flame sits up against glass too long, the glass will break...it'll make a weird popping sound and you'll come back to your candle and discover melted wax running out of the glass vessel and glass pieces all over your new wood surface (granite countertops, whatever)

Lastly, DIP YOUR WICKS: Yup. Dip 'em...dip 'em good! You can extinguish a candle’s flame without creating the after smoke. Dip the lit wick in the melted wax and lift back up. You will need a wick dipper or a non flammable object (try a butter knife you could live without).

There! 5 things you can do to ensure you're not throwing away your money on beautifully made candles. 


Small Business Saturday 2016

Small Business Saturday, the day after Black Friday, was created to shift attention from big box stores to the smaller mom-and-pop shops offering carefully curated product selection and gift ideas you won’t find anywhere else. It’s a celebration of everything that makes small businesses special.

Most of our artists live outside the traditional design centers. They come from all 50 states, from big and small cities all over the map. Flicker Box is an opportunity to exercise full creativity, learn and grow as a chandler and earn an income.

By shopping at Flicker Box, you support all-American independent artists.

Thanks for your continued support and be sure to use code TURKEYDAY16 at checkout for 20% off ANY subscription. Offer valid 11/21-11/30



Why Flicker Box is Different (and BETTER!)

Flicker Box's thematically curated candle subscription box is a bit different than most subscription boxes. One of the biggest differences is the way other subscription boxes CHARGE THE VENDOR a fee to participate PLUS ask for free products, often claiming that it's a marketing opportunity?!?! That is a bad business model that takes advantage of vendors AND its subscribers for their high mark-up prices.

Flicker Box actually PAYS our featured candle vendors for their products AND for their hard work that goes into each and every candle that they craft for our subscribers. We're truly dedicated to helping you make safe and healthy candle choices in your home AND promoting small business while supporting American manufacturing.

We want you to join us in our mission of supporting small businesses, so we're having a FLASH SALE of 25% off ANY SUBSCRIPTION with the code CANDLELOVER. (Yes, this discount is coming out of our pockets, not the artists'!) Join us by subscribing within the next 48 HOURS!

We're Hiring!



January 15th, 2015

We're looking for a part-time Operations Associate to join our Denver, Colorado Flicker Box team!

Do you have a knack for organization? Are you driven by details, and easily self-motivated? Do you want to join a growing startup? Then read on!

Your Duties:

  • As a part-time Operations Associate at Flicker Box, you will be responsible for helping manage our changing inventory and subscription base, checking for quality and completeness, keeping customers informed, social media posts and other day-to-day tasks.
  • Must have experience using Google Drive
  • We are looking for someone who can commit  8-10 hours a week - more as we expand to a brick and mortar later this year. We're growing and so will this role!
  • Pay is a fixed monthly stipend of $400
  • This position will be 100% from home with the flexibility to switch to the warehouse and storefront in the fall.
  • Must be located in Denver, CO.

Who you are:

  • A self-starter
  • An expert at time management
  • Detail-oriented
  • Love packaging, and know that it's both what's inside and out that matters
  • Flexible with hours, schedule, and shifting business needs
  • Customer-service experienced; preferably in retail

Who we are:

Founded in Chicago in 2012, Flicker Box is a subscription box company most loved for it’s thematically curated boxes of artisanal candles. We’ve recently expanded our operations to Denver, CO and looking to grow our reach within the world of candles and subscription boxes.

We're a startup with a passion for curating and artisanal candles and we're growing quickly.

This year, we have plans to launch a custom candle line, expand our customer reach, increase our inventory, move to a warehouse and into a brick & mortar in Fall 2016.

We're constantly growing & adding exciting endeavors to enable amazing experiences for our customers.

We work with some of the best brands and terrific people. Plus, having tons and tons of candles around is always a bonus.

How to apply:

Please email your resume and why you'd be the perfect fit to hello@flickerboxcandles.com

Merry & Bright: December Box Reveal

Worldwide, November was a very warm month, and even well into December, in Denver and in Chicago, we were experiencing 50 and 60 degree days! Of course, that kind of warm weather can make it difficult to get into the holidays spirit (I mean, who wants to go Christmas tree hunting when it's practically spring outside?!). Regardless of the weather in 2015, we wanted to curate a box that was reminiscent of years past when the weather wasn't so sub-tropical. We chose Merry + Bright as our December theme - evoking memories of Christmas dinners bathed in candlelight, gingerbread cookies baking in the oven, and stockings filled with peppermint candy canes. 


Box theme: Merry + Bright

Month: December

Vendors: Mole Hollow Candle, Big Dipper Wax Works, Lighten Up Shoppe, Eco Candle Co.

Contents, fragrances, value and burn times:

-pair (2) bayberry scented tapers $7 - 5 hours

-2 oz glass jar fragranced peppermint $6 - 15 hours

-3 oz glass jar fragranced Spice $10 - 25hours

-5 oz glass jar fragranced Gingerbread Man $11 - 40 hours

TOTAL RETAIL VALUE: $34 + ~$22 shipping fees

COST OF FLICKER BOX: $34 + $5.95 shipping

SAVINGS: $16.05

12 Days of Christmas Giveaways

Woohoo! Our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways is finally here!

Each day we'll reveal a new prize that you can enter to win. Days 1-6 are already revealed on the calendar (click on the image above).
Simply click on each box to begin entry. After entering in your email address as your first entry, you will be prompted to enter optional bonus entries.

By 12/12 you will have had the option to enter into each of our 12 giveaway prizes.
2 winners will be chosen at random each day beginning on 12/12 and ending on 12/23. Winners will be notified via email. 

Be sure to click on each day to enter.  And... don't forget to share with your friends!

Sweater Weather: October Box Review


October Box Reveal


It's no secret around Flicker Box HQ that October is everyone's favorite month! The smell and sound of falling leaves; the crisp air; warm scarves; hot cups of cider/coffee/tea/hot chocolate; pumpkins...and of course, Halloween candy! But what do we love most about October? When that crisp cool air whirls around? We love. To put on. Sweaters. Big. Chunky. Warm. Sweaters. So it only seemed fitting that we'd name our October box 'Sweater Weather' - it also helped that we knew Big White Yeti includes a wonderful fragrance called Sweater Weather in their line. 



Month: October

Vendors: Big White Yeti, Lit & Co, Uncommon Candles, Wood & Wax Co. 

Contents, fragrances, value and burn times:

-5 oz frosted glass fragranced Cranberry & Clove $10 - 30 hours

-2 oz tin fragranced Sweater Weather $5 - 15 hours

-4 oz wood wick jar scented Autumn Leaves $14 - 30hours

-4 oz tin fragranced Pumpkin Souffle $7 - 30 hours

- muslin bag, book of matches and business/information cards + bonus COUPON  MYOCTOBERFLICKER for 10% off $10+ order at Wood & Wax Co.

TOTAL BURN TIME: 105 hours
TOTAL RETAIL VALUE: $36 + ~$20 shipping fees

COST OF FLICKER BOX: $34 + $5.95 shipping

SAVINGS: $16.05


Strike it Up: 5 Matchbox Designs We Love

It's no secret that we love matches - we even hand them out as our business cards!

Matches come in all shapes & sizes; envelope matches, wooden matches, matchbooks, match boxes - some even use them as wedding favors. But if you're like us, then your eye tends to gravitate toward the lovely packaging, no matter what the matches look like. Say, for instance, one of these beauties...

Lovely set of 3 decorative matches found on Etsy. 

Lovely set of 3 decorative matches found on Etsy. 

an artful reinterpretation

an artful reinterpretation

A series of matchboxes  for Hong Kong yakitori restaurant, Yardbird. 

A series of matchboxes for Hong Kong yakitori restaurant, Yardbird. 

HomArt offers a wide selection  of adorable and trendy matchboxes. 

HomArt offers a wide selection of adorable and trendy matchboxes. 

New and Improved Billing System & Price Changes

Effective September 1st, Flicker Box will switch over to a new payment and billing system. This new system will only apply to subscriptions created on or after September 1st. Subscriptions placed prior to September 1st will remain the same and face no changes.

-New subscriptions will no longer use PayPal as a payment method. 

-Customers will have the option to subscribe month-to-month with bi-monthly delivery. 

-All new subscriptions will automatically renew (you can still cancel at any time). 

-New subscribers will have the ability to 'Log In'. 

-'Log In' features include the ability to:

  • upgrade/update subscriptions
  • update and change payment info
  • update and change shipping address
  • cancel and manage subscriptions

These new changes are designed specifically with our customer in mind. We hope to make our subscription process as easy as possible. 

Please feel free to email us at hello@flickerboxcandles.com if you have any questions regarding these new changes.

 Effective 9/1/15, Flicker Box subscriptions will no longer include FREE SHIPPING. 

Effective 9/1/15, Flicker Box will be raising ALL of it's subscription prices for NEW subscribers. The price increase will only apply to include the cost of shipping and current subscribers will be unaffected.

Flicker Box has grown to have a reputation for it's high standards and impeccable taste. As we've updated our packaging and shipping options; implemented a new and smooth website; upgraded our billing and payment system as well as continue to provide outstanding products; we've also needed to match that demand and make changes to our prices - it is something we must do in order to continue to provide you with the quality you've come to expect! 

Here's the breakdown of the changes:
Old Prices
monthly - $25 for your first box; $34/month each month after (shipping included)
3 months - $102 one time payment (shipping included)
6 months - $175 one time payment (shipping included)
12 months/ bi monthly - $175 one time payment (shipping included)
12 months/ 1 year - $320 one time payment (shipping included)

New Prices
monthly - $25 + $5.95 shipping for your first box; $34/ month + shipping each month after
bi monthly - $34/month + $5.95/month shipping charged & delivered every other month
              3 months - $102 one time payment + $5.95/month shipping (will auto renew)              6 months - $175 one time payment + $5.95/month shipping (will auto renew)
12 months - $320 one time payment + $5.95/month shipping (will auto renew)

Flicker Box Friday Finds: 5 Marvelous Monsoon-Inspired Candles

Rain Water 4 oz soy tin - Bow & Arrow Candle Co.

God of Thunder 8 oz jar candle - Fictitious Fragrances

Desert Rain pillar candle - Armadilla Wax Works

Thor scented candle - Bubble & Geek

Mountain Rain 14 oz mason jar - Shepherd Candles

Time moves so fast and it has not given any exception to this summer season. The dog days of summer are winding down and as we try to soak in every last moment of summer, we are reminded of all of our favorite parts of summer: the sunshine, the heat, light breezes and of course, rainstorms! For most of the country, rain is just rain, but for the American Southwest, rain is a welcome addition to a hot summer day. Monsoon season in the Wild West occupies a few months of each year, always in the summer and for anyone who has experienced a monsoon, the smell of coming rain is a unique and glorious fragrance. So in lieu of our upcoming August box theme, 'Wild West' AND in celebration of the summer months, we've rounded up scents that remind us of a monsoon and it's sudden onset of pouring rain, crazy thunder, and brilliant lightning. Enjoy!


Flicker Box Friday Finds: 6 Cool Community Garden Scented Candles

Summer means a lot of different things to everyone. Some look forward to pool & beaches, some think of BBQs and lazy days, some think of camping trips & vacation & others love to use their summer for gardening. 

In Chicago, we don't always have the luxury of expansive yards and large flower beds so we have to turn to things, like community gardens (a la http://petersongarden.org/) which are full of diverse personal garden beds. One cand find spices, herbs, flowers & even fruits & veggies!

Soooooo, we've rounded up our favorite community garden inspired candles. Enjoy!

Happy Friday!

Cilantro 9 oz soy candle - Produce 

Basil Scented Soy Candle - Myers 

Holland Park 2 oz soy candle - Tatine

Blackberry Sage 11 oz mason jar soy candle - Mosley Lane

Rosemary Garden soy candle - Votivo

Cucumber & Mint double wick soy candle - Sydney Hale 

June Box Reveal: Silly Scents & Funny Fragrances Review

In doing candle research, we always come across interesting fragrances...and some of them really make us Laugh. Out. Loud. After seeing a common theme of silly fragrance names, like Fairy's Breath, Monkey Farts, Butt Naked, Hippie Panda, we saw it only fitting to put together a box with fragrances that we thought would make you laugh. We found 3 of our favorite Flicker Box Approved Vendors and included large versions from their collection. This box really packed in the fun with a crazy burn time of over 150 hours for $34 WITH SHIPPING INCLUDED! Should we say it again?! 150. Hours. 150 hours. With 30 days in June, that's burning a candle every day for 5 hours! If you didn't get this awesome box, take a look below to see what you missed out on! AND if you're not willing to miss out on next month's box (with the theme Blue Lagoon) you have just 8 days left to subscribe and receive a box filled with 130 hours of burn time and includes fragrances like Cool Water, Toucan Jungle, & Ocean.

You can subscribe here------------------>www.myflickerbox.com/subscribe


Box theme: Silly Scents & Funny Fragrances

Month: June

Vendors: Midnight Candle Co, Big White Yeti, The Burlap Bag

Contents, fragrances, value and burn times:

-6 oz tin fragranced Grass Stain $10 - 30 hours

-8 oz glass mason jar fragranced Monkey Farts $9 - 50 hours

-9 oz Amber glass jar scented La-La Land $14 - 70+ hours

- book of matches and business/information cards

TOTAL BURN TIME: 150 hours
TOTAL RETAIL VALUE: $33 with shipping included

Flicker Box Friday Finds: Top 10 Best Candle Scents for the Summer Months

In Chicago, Mother Nature still can't decide if it's June or not...55 degrees one day, 75 the next...who knows. But it's really warming up in other parts of the country and the thought of lighting a candle is beginning to seem unbearable and we don't blame you for it at all! I mean, adding ANY heat to your already hot home seems silly...not to mention adding aromas to your home that remind you of the much cooler winter months, like cinnamon and gingerbread.

BUT we know that candles add more to your home than unseasonal fragrances and unnecessary heat. Our subscribers write in all the time and share their creative uses of our candles. Many times our subscribers use their more strongly scented fragrances outside on their patio and deck. Candles create a terrific ambience for outdoor seating and are the perfect addition for hosting an event, however big or small. 

If you're still not convinced candles have a use in your home during the summer months, try taking a look at our Friday Finds this week. We've rounded up our top choices for scents allowed in the summer months; scents that are cool & refreshing and will definitely add to your summer experience instead of hinder it. No cinnamon, pumpkin or gingerbread - we promise! 

Malibu Lemon Blossom  Soy Candle - Pacifica

Tuberose - Diptyque

Mrs. Meyers Scented Soy Candle in Basil - Mrs. Meyers

Peach Summer Seasonal Candle - Produce

Lemongrass & Basil Mason Jar Candle - The Pure Candle

Pure Beeswax Beehive Glass - Big Dipper Wax Works

Citrus Squeeze - Eco Candle Co. 

Santiago - Lights Out

Cool Water PIllar candle - Armadilla Wax Works

Island Coconut - The Lucky Honeybee

Flicker Box Friday Finds: 6 Lovely Lime Scented Candles

As each day ticks by getting us that much closer to June, our excitement for the summer goes crazy! At Flicker Box HQ, we're welcoming the summer with open arms and are just about salivating at the near-mention of cool and citrusy foods and drinks. Fruit salads,  fruity-frozen desserts, and fruit infused adult-beverages...yummmm! Speaking of adult beverages....I think we could all benefit from a fresh lime margarita tonight to mark the end of our week :) And with that, we've decided to spend our morning rounding up our favorite lime scented candles. 

Lavender & Lime - Chandler Candle Co. 

Coconut Lime Verbena Mason Soy Candle - Mosley Lane

Tahitian Lime + Coconut - House 33 Candle Co.

Summer Lime Candle - Sunny Brooke Co.

Coconut Lime 8 oz tin - The Tiny Collection

Erzulie: Basil and Lime - Onyx Exchange 

Flicker Box Friday Finds: Top 6 Mystical Mermaid Scented Candles

While curating our June box 'Silly Scents & Funny Fragrances' we found SOOOOOO many fragrances that made us laugh and even more that made us curious to see what they smelled like. In our hunt for the perfect Flicker Box Approved candles, we stumbled across a strangely large amount of "mermaid" scented candles. We've had some great debate as to what mermaids smell like...or what mermaid kisses smell like...or what a mermaid splash smells like...but we're pretty sure these 6 candles have, hidden inside of them, the very essence of what all-things-mermaids smell like. 

Without further adieu, here is our list for the Top 6 Mystical Mermaid Scented Candles. Happy Friday!!

Mermaid Splash Soy Candle, 8 oz - From the Page

Mermaid Lagoon 8 oz Soy Candle Hand Poured - Earth Meets Water

MERMAID • Apricot Wax • 8oz • WOODWICK - Let's Put A Bird On It

Mermaid Scented Soy Candle Jar - Bubble + Geek

No. 05 MERMAID- 1/2 lb. Soy Candle - Blackjack Wax Co. 

Mermaid Kissed - Shore Soap Cpmpany

Flicker Box Friday Finds: 6 perfect Pineapple Scented Candles

At Flicker Box HQ in Chicago, our tree-lined streets are now a brilliant green, the grass is lush, and the plants have flowered. Spring is here and summer is on its way! And we've had a recent string of warm humid days that I think might be making our heads spin! At our Friday office pot-luck, everyone brought in a fruit...and for some reason, we all wanted the pineapple. Not only are pineapples super nutritious and flavorful but they smell great...and we know ALL about things that smell great. So, for our Friday Finds, we're rounding up Pineapple scented candles. Yummy!

Pineapple Cilantro Soy Candle Tin 4 oz. - Plain J Body & Home

Pineapple Supreme Soy Wax black 8 oz tin - Kik Candles

Pineapple Mojito Soy Candle - Tokyo Factory

Pineapple Sage Natural Soy Candle 10oz - Lit & Co.

Pineapple Blossoms Soy Jar Candle - 1803 Candles

Sage & Pineapple 12oz Soy Mason Jar - Wax by Lax

Flicker Box Friday Finds: 5 Best Birthday Cake Candles

It's Friday, it's May 1st and it's also Flicker Box's 2nd Birthday! 2 years ago on this day, we debuted our very first box themed 'Beeswax' and we still think fondly of each and every candle we packed in that box. In lieu of our birthday celebration we've got cake on the mind - and though the temperature outside is warming up and we're surrounded by sunshine, fresh grass and beautiful flowers - all we can think about is birthday cake, birthday cake, and more birthday cake! So what better way to end the week than with Flicker Box Friday Finds featuring our 5 favorite artisan-made Birthday Cake scented candles <3 Happy Friday and happy weekend!

Birthday Cake 8 oz soy tin - 2starR

Birthday Cake 8 oz mason jar - Midnight Owl Candle Co. 

Birthday Cake 8 oz glass container - Luna Tigre Candles

Birthday Cake jar - Montane Designs

Birthday Cake lidded jar - Walter + Rosie 

Flicker Box Friday Finds: Honeysuckle

No matter where you live, once the spring months arrive, one can't help but crave the fragrance of fresh floral blossoms. Some of us long for the gentle fragrance of a cherry blossom while others crave the more robust spring rose scent. At long last, daffodils, violets and tulips have finally bloomed in our Chicago parks reminding us of the many floral fragrances that we love and cherish - chief among them: honeysuckle. We've rounded up our favorite Etsy vendors and their Honeysuckle fragrances to share with you! Happy Friday <3

slide 1: Brooklyn Candle Studio, slide 2: Candles by Nature, slide 3: Wood & Wax Co. , slide 4: PurBliss, slide 5:  Opal & Wonder, slide 6: Copper & Kraft Candle, slide 7: Lit & Co. , slide 8: Sweet River Candle Co. , slide 9:  4th Street Candle Co. , slide 10: Black Jack Wax Company.