Getting to know a Flicker Box Approved Vendor: Wax Works Creative Candles


Shop Name: WaxWorksCandles
Company Name: WaxWorks, LLC
Shop URL/Website:

Located in: Fairfax, VA


What inspired you to become a candle artist?
My senior year of college my roommates and I always had candles burning. One day we collected all the left over wax, cleaned out all the containers, melted the wax in an old pot and poured it into the jars to make new candles. I enjoyed making those candles so much that I eventually bought new wax and started playing with my own colors and scents.

Tell us about the process to create one of your candles (i.e. time, supplies, methods)
Chunk Candles. My chunk candles are currently my only candles not made out of soy wax. This is because soy wax is opaque, and translucent paraffin wax is needed to achieve the desired effect. These candles take a minimum of 48 hours to make because the wax needs to cool and harden during two different steps in the process. First, the chunks are made by pouring the wax in to pan and cut in to squares or other shapes; this wax needs to sit for a minimum of 12 hours before proceeding to the next step. Then, I fill the molds with the chunks and pour an uncolored coat over top. 

What item in your shop are you most proud of?
I am most proud of my birthday candles. They are the most time consuming of all my candles, all hand dipped and vegan friendly.

What do you believe sets you apart from other candle artists?
Many soy wax candles are made in mason jars and have a more country feel. While I love mason jar candles I lean towards a more contemporary a modern feel for my candles. I love my packaging and I feel the two factors help set me apart from many other candle vendors.

Do you admire other candle artists? If so, which/who?
I love candles, and admire anyone who makes them. A few of my favorite shops I have found on etsy are: LitandCo, Unitedbyyahweh, and SunflowerCandles

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