Flicker Box helps you make healthy choices in the home

Tip: Don’t buy air fresheners; don’t use cheap unnatural scented/unscented candles. 

One Green Planet says -

"Television ads continue to tell us how happy we’ll be when our home smells like lavender or fresh laundry by using the latest electricity wasting plug in, toxic aerosol spray, or chemical laden stick-on. The American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine indicate that regular use of sprays can increase your risk of developing asthma by 30 to 50 percent. Air fresheners are filled with Phthalates, chemicals commonly used as solvents in perfumes, as sealants in adhesives, and fill several other roles. Exposure to phthalates may increase your chance of experiencing reproductive, endocrine, and developmental problems. Amazingly, several of the brands that tested positive for phthalates did not mention phthalates on their lists of ingredients. Some of these brands were even labeled as being “all-natural” and “unscented.” The majority of air fresheners on the market (with or without phthalates) emit significant amounts of terpene, a dangerous organic compound that can react with naturally occurring ozone to create formaldehyde – which is a known human carcinogen. "

Instead open your windows and light a candle...but make sure it's not a cheap-big-box-store one. 'Why?' you might ask. Good question!

Crappy candles release carcinogenic chemicals when burned. Some scented candles have been found to carry lead in the wick – which results in a dangerously high amount of lead released into your home and body when inhaled. And most importantly, deadly fumes Benzene and Toluene, are found in the sooty residue of crappy burning candles are carcinogenic, and hazardous to the central nervous system. 

Flicker Box carefully selects products using these values in making healthy choices in your home. Don't worry about going to the store and reading every label or even spending tons of time (and money!) seeking out the perfect candle...we'll do it for you...and when you get your box, we'll even tell you about the candle artist and their products!