Bigger is not always better...

at least, when referring to candles!!!!

We admit, walking around the mall and seeing those big fancy candles in glass containers gets us a little excited too! But unlike comparing a 2 liter of soda next to those mini cans of soda, just because the candle is bigger doesn't mean you're getting more out of it. 

Candles have wide variation in how long they burn and the quality of their fragrance based off how they are made. Using synthetic materials is a lot like faking it; a lot like adding unnatural ingredients like MSG to food. Of course, you can still eat it, it might fill your appetite and it even smells really good, but in the end, it's really not good for you. Candles are much the same.

 At Flicker Box HQ, sometimes we hear that our subscribers wish there was one "larger" candle in the box or that the smaller candles are often confused as "sample sizes". But when it comes to candles, bigger is not always better - and we can safely assure you that there are no sample sizes in our boxes. Small batch, quality made candles don't NEED to be in a big fancy jar. Most of the artisans we find have made a career out of getting as much burn time as possible using the smallest amount of resources to do so. Sometimes an artist's entire candle lineup will include nothing over 8 oz - not because their too cheap or unskilled to make anything larger, but because anything larger is unnecessary and would just burn forever!

Let's use our May Flicker Box Favs box as an example of burn time. In our box, we included a 6 pack of tealights from Wax Works Candles in Lemon Chiffon, Very Vanilla and Pink Magnolia. Each tealight burns for 4-6 hours so the whole package of 6 tealights last up to 36 hours!

Then we included 3 votives from Armadilla Wax Works in Midnight Bloom, Orange Slice, and Vanilla. Each votive burns for 15 hours for a total of 45 hours!

We also featured The Flying Farm's mini glass mason jar in Sweet Tea which has a burn time of 35-40 hours!

Lastly, we included Brooklyn Candle Studio with their fabulous 2 oz tins (often called travel tins so you can pack 'em up and take 'em) in both Green Tea Lemongrass and Grapefruit - each one of those tins lasting up to 12 hours!

So in one box, Flicker Box curates a total of 145 hours of burn time - that's burning a candle straight for over 6 days!

ONE of those larger, paraffin mall candle brands cost upwards of $25 and will get you ~110 hours of burn time that leaves black soot in the jar AND in your home - not too mention smelling just one fragrance that you could get sick of quickly. 

We hope all of this is helpful to you so now when you are shopping for candles, you'll remember that sometimes bigger is not always better :-D