Did you know?!....

Did you know...

...that each month our boxes are curated to a theme?! Every thing that we include in the box corresponds with that month's theme! Included in the top of each box is a Storycard where we include a small profile on the artisans we've chosen to feature that month, as well as the box's theme title at the top.

We've never known many subscription box services who offer this unique take on "box-of-the-month-clubs" and we like it that way! Flicker Box likes to do things just a little differently AND it makes it really fun and exciting for us to plan each and every box. We always look forward to finding new artists and new fragrances that fit whatever has inspired us that month. 

Themes can be pretty much anything; inspiration for the season, a whimsical take on a holiday, or even a city! Here at Flicker Box HQ, we can get inspired by pretty much anything and we feel so lucky and privileged that we get to scour the United States discovering the highest quality candles available and share them with our subscribers.

Here are all the previous box theme's we've curated:

-September 2014 - Summer's End

- August 2014 - Booze Infused

-July 2014 - Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses

-June 2014 - Garden Crush

-May 2014 - Flicker Box Favs (all our favorite vendors and candles from the previous year)

-April 2014 - Bookworm

-March 2014 - Austin, Texas

-February 2014 - Sweet Love

-January 2014 - Snow Day

-December 2013 - Home for Holidays

-November 2013 - Sugar N' Spice

-October 2013 - Halloween

-September 2013 - Forest Fresh

-August 2013 - Chicago

-July 2013 - Sun, Sand & Sea

-June 2013 - Herbal

-May 2013 - Debut Box - Beeswax