A day in the life of a Flicker Box(er)

We've heard the old quote "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." by Confucius  - and to some that may seem ridiculous because we all have things in our daily job life that we don't particularly LOVE but we do love the job as a whole. Here at Flicker Box HQ we do ALOT of things that have nothing to do with sniffing and burning candles all day (though that is a large and glorious part of our job description).  BUT all the other little things add up to a terrific job - and we have no complaints! So we asked owner Kristina if she could elaborate on what it is she would typically do for Flicker Box on a daily basis to see if she felt the same way :)

1. Marketing & Social Media - "I spend lots of time each day searching and reading blogs and websites and looking for sometimes looking for marketing opportunities. I also spend time (probably too much) on social media sites such as Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter." Here at Flicker Box HQ we love to look at how the world views and uses candles in their every day lives and social media is a terrific way for us to research and reach out to real candle lovers!

2. Customer Service - While we have a staff to take care of our customer's every needs, Kristina spends about 2 hours a day answering phone calls, emails, etc and other correspondence to Flicker Box customers. Topics can range from payment and shipping issues to receiving compliments for their perfectly curated box :-D

3. Monthly box logistics - Because Kristina chooses the theme and contents of each box, she spends a HUGE chunk of the month ensuring that her vision of each box is followed through. Sometimes there are unexpected issues that need immediate attention and other times she is simply working on the next box. Kristina says, "I have always lived my life holiday to holiday or season to season, so just in general life I am constantly inspired to curate each month's box. Sometimes an evoked emotion or memory will inspire the next box or just a simple love for a city could inspire a Flicker Box. That's the fun part!"

"The inspiration is the easy part..." says Kristina "...it's looking for the right candle artist, size, shape, price, and fragrance that is very difficult." 

4. PACKING - Today we begin the marathon of packing our October 'Leaf Peeping' box, which takes us roughly 1 week to assemble, pack, and ship each and every box. Over 40 hours of work per month go into physically handling our boxes!

....Of course, we have our leader Kristina to remind us that *maybe* we should add some extra crinkle paper to that box for extra protection and we have our lazy office assistant (Soma the German Shepherd) to drop toys at our feet beckoning us to play - but those are just fun little tidbits about our day...

We lay out each box, tape, scissors, twine, shipping labels, matches, business cards/post cards and candles across a loooong table and as a team, assemble each box. Once, we've laid out all our box assembly pieces, we begin to package HUNDREDS of boxes. Our process is as follows:

Step 1: Stamp inside box
Step 2: Stamp outside box
Step 3: Build inside box
Step 4: Tape outside box
Step 5: Fill inside box with candles
Step 6: Tie inside box with bakers twine
Step 7: Put inside box in outside box.
Step 8: Tape outside box
Step 9: Address box
Step 10: Ship!

...Did we mention we like to watch Top Gun when we assemble boxes?!

So there you have it! A day in the life of a true Flicker Box(er)!