Merry & Bright: December Box Reveal

Worldwide, November was a very warm month, and even well into December, in Denver and in Chicago, we were experiencing 50 and 60 degree days! Of course, that kind of warm weather can make it difficult to get into the holidays spirit (I mean, who wants to go Christmas tree hunting when it's practically spring outside?!). Regardless of the weather in 2015, we wanted to curate a box that was reminiscent of years past when the weather wasn't so sub-tropical. We chose Merry + Bright as our December theme - evoking memories of Christmas dinners bathed in candlelight, gingerbread cookies baking in the oven, and stockings filled with peppermint candy canes. 


Box theme: Merry + Bright

Month: December

Vendors: Mole Hollow Candle, Big Dipper Wax Works, Lighten Up Shoppe, Eco Candle Co.

Contents, fragrances, value and burn times:

-pair (2) bayberry scented tapers $7 - 5 hours

-2 oz glass jar fragranced peppermint $6 - 15 hours

-3 oz glass jar fragranced Spice $10 - 25hours

-5 oz glass jar fragranced Gingerbread Man $11 - 40 hours

TOTAL RETAIL VALUE: $34 + ~$22 shipping fees

COST OF FLICKER BOX: $34 + $5.95 shipping

SAVINGS: $16.05