Flicker Box is Most Loved for it's Thematic Curation: What You can Look Forward To

Our Flicker Box research team gets so easily inspired that we have TONS of ideas for each month's box. As you can imagine though, not every one of our team's ideas have made it very far into the planning process! Our planning process is simple: we have a giant wall covered with black chalkboard paint and we reserve that wall for anyone to write down an "inspired by" theme. Themes can range from cities, states and something geographical to something broader such as illicit feelings or states of mind, like 'Whimsical Wonderland' or 'Home for the Holidays'. And while we simply adore every (dare we say..) unique idea that makes it to our wall, finding vendors and candle artists who create and make fragrances that fit within our theme is where the challenges lay. Some themes turn out to be a better idea and less of a reality, but we still make a valiant effort. We're always at the drawing board planning months and months in advance, just to ensure we have everything done perfectly. And we love the moment when we announce to everyone just what we've been working on and then again filled with excitement when we see the countless tweets, instagram photos and facebook comments sharing their love for our thematic curation.

So in exchange for the frequent love we receive, we thought you'd enjoy a little advanced notice on the future month's box themes (which, of course, can and often do change at any moment). As I stare at the wall-o-ideas, the current box theme schedule is: April as 'In the Kitchen'; May's theme as 'Flower Market'; June's box as 'Apothecary'; & July as "Blue Lagoon".

We think we've created some pretty amazing boxes for the coming months and are excited to welcome the much warmer months of the Spring and Summer. Are you as excited as we are?