March 'OREGON' Box Reveal

Our March box was a voter's choice box, choosing between 'Beeswax' or 'Oregon'. While it was close, our fans chose Oregon. So we quickly got to curating our box with candles made in the state of Oregon or that were inspired by all-things-Oregon. 

image curtesy of MySubscriptionAddiction

image curtesy of MySubscriptionAddiction

So what's inside?

Box theme: Oregon

Month: March

Vendors: Lit & Co., Vance Family Soy Candles, Oak Street Soap & Candles, Beeswax Candle Works, LLC.

Contents, fragrances, value and burn times

-6 oz gold tin fragranced Cascade Hops $12.50 - 45 hours

-6 oz tin fragranced Keep Portland Weird $12.99 - 30 hours

-2 votives fragranced natural honey beeswax $7 total - 40 hours total

-4 tealights fragranced Portland Rain $4 - 16 hours

- book of matches and business/information cards

TOTAL BURN TIME: 131 hours
TOTAL RETAIL VALUE: $36.49 with shipping included