Flicker Box Friday Finds: Honeysuckle

No matter where you live, once the spring months arrive, one can't help but crave the fragrance of fresh floral blossoms. Some of us long for the gentle fragrance of a cherry blossom while others crave the more robust spring rose scent. At long last, daffodils, violets and tulips have finally bloomed in our Chicago parks reminding us of the many floral fragrances that we love and cherish - chief among them: honeysuckle. We've rounded up our favorite Etsy vendors and their Honeysuckle fragrances to share with you! Happy Friday <3

slide 1: Brooklyn Candle Studio, slide 2: Candles by Nature, slide 3: Wood & Wax Co. , slide 4: PurBliss, slide 5:  Opal & Wonder, slide 6: Copper & Kraft Candle, slide 7: Lit & Co. , slide 8: Sweet River Candle Co. , slide 9:  4th Street Candle Co. , slide 10: Black Jack Wax Company.