Flicker Box Friday Finds: 6 Lovely Lime Scented Candles

As each day ticks by getting us that much closer to June, our excitement for the summer goes crazy! At Flicker Box HQ, we're welcoming the summer with open arms and are just about salivating at the near-mention of cool and citrusy foods and drinks. Fruit salads,  fruity-frozen desserts, and fruit infused adult-beverages...yummmm! Speaking of adult beverages....I think we could all benefit from a fresh lime margarita tonight to mark the end of our week :) And with that, we've decided to spend our morning rounding up our favorite lime scented candles. 

Lavender & Lime - Chandler Candle Co. 

Coconut Lime Verbena Mason Soy Candle - Mosley Lane

Tahitian Lime + Coconut - House 33 Candle Co.

Summer Lime Candle - Sunny Brooke Co.

Coconut Lime 8 oz tin - The Tiny Collection

Erzulie: Basil and Lime - Onyx Exchange