Flicker Box Friday Finds: Top 6 Mystical Mermaid Scented Candles

While curating our June box 'Silly Scents & Funny Fragrances' we found SOOOOOO many fragrances that made us laugh and even more that made us curious to see what they smelled like. In our hunt for the perfect Flicker Box Approved candles, we stumbled across a strangely large amount of "mermaid" scented candles. We've had some great debate as to what mermaids smell like...or what mermaid kisses smell like...or what a mermaid splash smells like...but we're pretty sure these 6 candles have, hidden inside of them, the very essence of what all-things-mermaids smell like. 

Without further adieu, here is our list for the Top 6 Mystical Mermaid Scented Candles. Happy Friday!!

Mermaid Splash Soy Candle, 8 oz - From the Page

Mermaid Lagoon 8 oz Soy Candle Hand Poured - Earth Meets Water

MERMAID • Apricot Wax • 8oz • WOODWICK - Let's Put A Bird On It

Mermaid Scented Soy Candle Jar - Bubble + Geek

No. 05 MERMAID- 1/2 lb. Soy Candle - Blackjack Wax Co. 

Mermaid Kissed - Shore Soap Cpmpany