June Box Reveal: Silly Scents & Funny Fragrances Review

In doing candle research, we always come across interesting fragrances...and some of them really make us Laugh. Out. Loud. After seeing a common theme of silly fragrance names, like Fairy's Breath, Monkey Farts, Butt Naked, Hippie Panda, we saw it only fitting to put together a box with fragrances that we thought would make you laugh. We found 3 of our favorite Flicker Box Approved Vendors and included large versions from their collection. This box really packed in the fun with a crazy burn time of over 150 hours for $34 WITH SHIPPING INCLUDED! Should we say it again?! 150. Hours. 150 hours. With 30 days in June, that's burning a candle every day for 5 hours! If you didn't get this awesome box, take a look below to see what you missed out on! AND if you're not willing to miss out on next month's box (with the theme Blue Lagoon) you have just 8 days left to subscribe and receive a box filled with 130 hours of burn time and includes fragrances like Cool Water, Toucan Jungle, & Ocean.

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Box theme: Silly Scents & Funny Fragrances

Month: June

Vendors: Midnight Candle Co, Big White Yeti, The Burlap Bag

Contents, fragrances, value and burn times:

-6 oz tin fragranced Grass Stain $10 - 30 hours

-8 oz glass mason jar fragranced Monkey Farts $9 - 50 hours

-9 oz Amber glass jar scented La-La Land $14 - 70+ hours

- book of matches and business/information cards

TOTAL BURN TIME: 150 hours
TOTAL RETAIL VALUE: $33 with shipping included