Flicker Box Friday Finds: Top 10 Best Candle Scents for the Summer Months

In Chicago, Mother Nature still can't decide if it's June or not...55 degrees one day, 75 the next...who knows. But it's really warming up in other parts of the country and the thought of lighting a candle is beginning to seem unbearable and we don't blame you for it at all! I mean, adding ANY heat to your already hot home seems silly...not to mention adding aromas to your home that remind you of the much cooler winter months, like cinnamon and gingerbread.

BUT we know that candles add more to your home than unseasonal fragrances and unnecessary heat. Our subscribers write in all the time and share their creative uses of our candles. Many times our subscribers use their more strongly scented fragrances outside on their patio and deck. Candles create a terrific ambience for outdoor seating and are the perfect addition for hosting an event, however big or small. 

If you're still not convinced candles have a use in your home during the summer months, try taking a look at our Friday Finds this week. We've rounded up our top choices for scents allowed in the summer months; scents that are cool & refreshing and will definitely add to your summer experience instead of hinder it. No cinnamon, pumpkin or gingerbread - we promise! 

Malibu Lemon Blossom  Soy Candle - Pacifica

Tuberose - Diptyque

Mrs. Meyers Scented Soy Candle in Basil - Mrs. Meyers

Peach Summer Seasonal Candle - Produce

Lemongrass & Basil Mason Jar Candle - The Pure Candle

Pure Beeswax Beehive Glass - Big Dipper Wax Works

Citrus Squeeze - Eco Candle Co. 

Santiago - Lights Out

Cool Water PIllar candle - Armadilla Wax Works

Island Coconut - The Lucky Honeybee