Flicker Box Friday Finds: 6 Cool Community Garden Scented Candles

Summer means a lot of different things to everyone. Some look forward to pool & beaches, some think of BBQs and lazy days, some think of camping trips & vacation & others love to use their summer for gardening. 

In Chicago, we don't always have the luxury of expansive yards and large flower beds so we have to turn to things, like community gardens (a la http://petersongarden.org/) which are full of diverse personal garden beds. One cand find spices, herbs, flowers & even fruits & veggies!

Soooooo, we've rounded up our favorite community garden inspired candles. Enjoy!

Happy Friday!

Cilantro 9 oz soy candle - Produce 

Basil Scented Soy Candle - Myers 

Holland Park 2 oz soy candle - Tatine

Blackberry Sage 11 oz mason jar soy candle - Mosley Lane

Rosemary Garden soy candle - Votivo

Cucumber & Mint double wick soy candle - Sydney Hale