Flicker Box Friday Finds: 5 Marvelous Monsoon-Inspired Candles

Rain Water 4 oz soy tin - Bow & Arrow Candle Co.

God of Thunder 8 oz jar candle - Fictitious Fragrances

Desert Rain pillar candle - Armadilla Wax Works

Thor scented candle - Bubble & Geek

Mountain Rain 14 oz mason jar - Shepherd Candles

Time moves so fast and it has not given any exception to this summer season. The dog days of summer are winding down and as we try to soak in every last moment of summer, we are reminded of all of our favorite parts of summer: the sunshine, the heat, light breezes and of course, rainstorms! For most of the country, rain is just rain, but for the American Southwest, rain is a welcome addition to a hot summer day. Monsoon season in the Wild West occupies a few months of each year, always in the summer and for anyone who has experienced a monsoon, the smell of coming rain is a unique and glorious fragrance. So in lieu of our upcoming August box theme, 'Wild West' AND in celebration of the summer months, we've rounded up scents that remind us of a monsoon and it's sudden onset of pouring rain, crazy thunder, and brilliant lightning. Enjoy!