Why Flicker Box is Different (and BETTER!)

Flicker Box's thematically curated candle subscription box is a bit different than most subscription boxes. One of the biggest differences is the way other subscription boxes CHARGE THE VENDOR a fee to participate PLUS ask for free products, often claiming that it's a marketing opportunity?!?! That is a bad business model that takes advantage of vendors AND its subscribers for their high mark-up prices.

Flicker Box actually PAYS our featured candle vendors for their products AND for their hard work that goes into each and every candle that they craft for our subscribers. We're truly dedicated to helping you make safe and healthy candle choices in your home AND promoting small business while supporting American manufacturing.

We want you to join us in our mission of supporting small businesses, so we're having a FLASH SALE of 25% off ANY SUBSCRIPTION with the code CANDLELOVER. (Yes, this discount is coming out of our pockets, not the artists'!) Join us by subscribing within the next 48 HOURS!