Burn Time: What is it? Why does it Matter?

Almost 4 years in, and Flicker Box still tries to stay true to it's original mission: to connect candle makers to candle lovers! In addition to financially supporting our chandlers, we want to make sure all of subscribers are happy with what we curate!

There are many factors that the Flicker Box team considers when choosing a quality, artisanal candle. Those include, scent throw and type, wax type, container and packaging, uniqueness, cost and burn time. Not always, but often, a candle maker will make it known how long their candles will last. This is known as "burn time". You'll find it written in the description while shopping for candles online, and sometimes on the label of the candle itself. 

One of the very reasons to love soy wax (as opposed to paraffin types) is that soy is known to burn longer than other types of wax. Our small batch makers always use alternative forms of wax, whether palmwax, beeswax or soy wax. It's easy to see a giant candle in the mall with a fragrance that knocks you over, but bigger isn't always better. Remember QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.

The candles we chose, we chose specifically because they pack a lot of punch into small packaging that we can easily ship to your doorstep. For instance, a 14.5oz Yankee Candle lasts 40 hrs. Likewise, the 3 wick Slatkin & Co (BBW candles) 14.5oz candle lasts just 30hrs (both brands are made from paraffin wax). Compare that to just one of our favorite brands, Mosley Lane, who creates an 11oz mason jar that lasts for 55+ hours AND is made from American grown soy beans AND supports a small batch candle company from within the US. And those little travel tins we often include in our box (ranging from 2oz-8ozs) often burn for 20+ hours!

So when you're comparing the cost and quality and a candle be sure to know what you are paying for! Sure, the huge candles FEEL like they last forever, but they really don't. Be sure to ALWAYS look out for burn time.

Just a heads up that our February box will include 105 hours of burn time....that's burning one candle each day for the month of February for almost 4 hours/day for as low as $32/month!

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