Flicker Box Friday Finds

Hope your Friday finds you well! We're seasoned experts in the artisanal candle world but we've also taken a stab at rounding up some Big-Box store candle finds. Bon weekend!

1. Lavender Vanilla Aromatic Soy Candle by The Honest Company | Zulily

2. Honeysuckle Moroccan Henna Candle | Gilt 
3. Jo Malone London 'Orange Blossom' Scented Candle | Nordstrom
4. Mrs. Meyer's Basil Scented Soy Candle | Target 
5. Mine Design Mason Jar Candle | Urban Outfitters
6. Primitives by Kathy Mason Jar Candle | Nordstrom
7. Voluspa Japonica Mini Candles | Anthropologie 
8. Qualitas Currant and Lavender candles (set of two) | Gilt 
9. Illume Freshly Picked Candle | Anthropologie 

March 'OREGON' Box Reveal

Our March box was a voter's choice box, choosing between 'Beeswax' or 'Oregon'. While it was close, our fans chose Oregon. So we quickly got to curating our box with candles made in the state of Oregon or that were inspired by all-things-Oregon. 

image curtesy of MySubscriptionAddiction

image curtesy of MySubscriptionAddiction

So what's inside?

Box theme: Oregon

Month: March

Vendors: Lit & Co., Vance Family Soy Candles, Oak Street Soap & Candles, Beeswax Candle Works, LLC.

Contents, fragrances, value and burn times

-6 oz gold tin fragranced Cascade Hops $12.50 - 45 hours

-6 oz tin fragranced Keep Portland Weird $12.99 - 30 hours

-2 votives fragranced natural honey beeswax $7 total - 40 hours total

-4 tealights fragranced Portland Rain $4 - 16 hours

- book of matches and business/information cards

TOTAL BURN TIME: 131 hours
TOTAL RETAIL VALUE: $36.49 with shipping included


Flicker Box is Most Loved for it's Thematic Curation: What You can Look Forward To

Our Flicker Box research team gets so easily inspired that we have TONS of ideas for each month's box. As you can imagine though, not every one of our team's ideas have made it very far into the planning process! Our planning process is simple: we have a giant wall covered with black chalkboard paint and we reserve that wall for anyone to write down an "inspired by" theme. Themes can range from cities, states and something geographical to something broader such as illicit feelings or states of mind, like 'Whimsical Wonderland' or 'Home for the Holidays'. And while we simply adore every (dare we say..) unique idea that makes it to our wall, finding vendors and candle artists who create and make fragrances that fit within our theme is where the challenges lay. Some themes turn out to be a better idea and less of a reality, but we still make a valiant effort. We're always at the drawing board planning months and months in advance, just to ensure we have everything done perfectly. And we love the moment when we announce to everyone just what we've been working on and then again filled with excitement when we see the countless tweets, instagram photos and facebook comments sharing their love for our thematic curation.

So in exchange for the frequent love we receive, we thought you'd enjoy a little advanced notice on the future month's box themes (which, of course, can and often do change at any moment). As I stare at the wall-o-ideas, the current box theme schedule is: April as 'In the Kitchen'; May's theme as 'Flower Market'; June's box as 'Apothecary'; & July as "Blue Lagoon".

We think we've created some pretty amazing boxes for the coming months and are excited to welcome the much warmer months of the Spring and Summer. Are you as excited as we are?

December - 'Tis the Season - Box Reveal

September, October, November and December are our favorite months out of the year because of the sense of nostalgia each month provides. We all love wearing boots, coats, hats and mittens; cozying up by the fire, hay rides, pumpkins, hot chocolate, building snowmen and enjoying the Holiday season. These months are also great for burning candles...especially as we spent lots of time inside with friends and family. So it's no wonder that put a little extra love in these boxes. 

For December, we curated our box to the theme, 'Tis the Season. For us, it wasn't just about Christmas, but instead all of the things we do during the month of December - like going for a sleigh ride or enjoying sugar plums, or maybe just the fragrance of fresh bayberry. 

photo curtesy of Bits and Boxes

photo curtesy of Bits and Boxes

Box theme: 'Tis the Season

Month: December

Vendors: Mosley Lane, Lights Out, Copper & Kraft

Contents, fragrances, value and burn times:

-11 oz mason jar fragranced Sleigh Ride $14.49 - 50+ hours

-4 oz tin fragranced Frosted Sugar Plums or Holiday Bayberry $6.50 - 25-30hrs

-8 oz tin fragranced Peppermint Bark or Christmas Cabin $10.50 - 55-60hrs

-2 oz tin fragranced Christmas Day $7 - 15hrs

- PLUS bonus candy can, book of matches and business/information card

TOTAL BURN TIME: 155 hours
TOTAL RETAIL VALUE: $38.49with shipping included

A Gift for You

Did you miss the December 1st deadline?

We've got you covered with a printable customizable gift certificate. You can fill in the "to" and "from" as well as the length of the gifted subscription. 

You will need to purchase the gifted subscription and
be sure to subscribe with the recipient's delivery address, fill in the blank boxes, print and wrap up any way you'd like!

*Subscriptions purchased from December 2nd-December 31st will ALL begin in January and shipped no later than the 7th.*

If you need a gift certificate, here is the link you were looking for!http://myflickerbox.com/giftcertificate

It's Cyber Monday!

The holiday shopping specials aren’t over yet!

It’s also the final day to subscribe and receive a box in time for Christmas. All subscriptions placed after December 1st will not be shipped until January 7th!


Click here to subscribe!


Sale is valid for 50% off the first month of any new monthly subscription. Customers will be charged $34 on the 30th calendar day following the original subscription transaction date. Cannot be combined with any other offers or past purchases. Discount does not apply to taxes or shipping Offer expires 12/1/14 at 11:59 PM EST.


So what IS the deal with paraffin candles?

Scenario 1:

You're walking around the mall and that heavenly, heavy aroma pulls you near and you end up standing in an overwhelming room of pretty glass candles taking off the tops and sniffing each and every one, only to leave with a little bit of a headache and a wee-bit nauseated...


...you're walking around your favorite one-stop-shop store and you see a bag of 50 tealights for a small $5 price tag and you think "WOW! This a great deal!" And you are right...50 tealights for $5 would be a great deal - but only a great deal for your wallet - not so much for you or your home. 

Those big, pretty glass candles that look like they'd burn for the next 100 years and that bag of tealights that is sure to leave some extra money in your wallet, are made from paraffin (not all of them; but 99.9% of them are). And just as the name implies, paraffin candles are made from paraffin wax; a by-product of petroleum refining. The result? A highly toxic (and environmentally unfriendly) product that quite literally poisons the air you breathe.

Now, "poison" sounds like a strong word and you may be thinking "yeah, right", but let's take a closer look. Paraffin wax starts as the sludge at the bottom of the barrel of crude oil. Even asphalt is extracted before paraffin in the refining process! The black sludge, already filled with numerous toxins, undergoes bleaching and treatment by carcinogens benzene and/or toulene. And the chemicals don’t stop there. Chemists mix in concoctions of colors and fragrances to make the product more marketable and appealing - with the added touch of brightly colored imagery to the container. The final result is an innocent looking candle which releases seven documented toxins – two of which are carcinogenic – when it burns.

And toxins aren’t the only problem with burning paraffin candles. Over time, repeatedly burning paraffin candles leaves black soot stains on walls, ceilings, furniture, and drapery (yup, that's where those black/gray marks come from). The microscopic soot particles at fault for the cosmetic damage also can cause health problems. These tiny particles are easily inhaled and get trapped in the deepest part of the lungs, which may cause respiratory irritation.


That's where people like us at Flicker Box HQ come in - to help you make healthy candle choices for your home! There are many alternative options to paraffin candles - and even finding a blend of other materials is taking a step in the right direction. Candles can be found in soy wax, palm wax, and even beeswax! Now, we are the first one's to admit that these more organic materials just don't have the overwhelming fragrances that mall-candles will have - those candles are made to burn the nose-hairs right out of the nostrils! These other options smell better and in fact last longer than their mall-candle counterparts. Read our blog post here for why bigger is not always better.


Beeswax candles act as natural air purifiers, meaning they actually clean the air when they burn. Are we sure? Yes...here's how! (*warning* - this get's scientific)

Beeswax releases negative ions when it burns. Pollen, dust, dirt, pollutants, and any other junk in the air all carry a positive charge, and that is how they can be suspended into the air. The negative ions released from burning beeswax negate the positive charge of air contaminants, and the neutralized ions are sucked back into the burning candle or fall to the ground. Many air purifiers and water filters harness this effective negative ion technology. Voila - natural air purifiers. 

Beeswax candles can effectively reduce asthma and allergies by drawing pollutants out of the air. There are numerous miraculous stories of how switching to beeswax candles has changed people's quality of life. I'm sure you've heard it before "Beeswax is the only candle I burn" or "My husband can only stand beeswax candles!"


As we've stated before, making the switch from those "great-deal", mall-candles to soy wax, palm wax, or beeswax can often leave you with sticker shock. BUT it's a small price to pay if you're someone who loves candles and are concerned about what you're bringing into your home. Trust us: make the switch to a blended wax candle or even go full soy or beeswax and we guarantee you that your husband will be totally fine with you burning candles again and there's a good chance those natural fragrances won't bother him as much as the mall-candles once did!

Sneaky Labeling - Is it really "pure"?

We think should have a school for Flicker Boxers with all the candle knowledge and info we have...and we don't even make candles! But since we are dedicated to helping you make healthy candle choices for your home, we like to share our tips-of-the-trade with you. 

Today, let's talk about what the label says. Let's say you are walking around a store and you see a lovely display of candles in a beautifully colored glass jar and it reads "Made from pure beeswax". 


In the U.S., the use of only 51% of an ingredient deems it "pure" Companies can get away with selling “pure” beeswax candles which contain a combination of 51% beeswax and 49% toxic paraffin.

Always be on the look for the key phrase “100% Pure Beeswax” on candles.

100% pure beeswax candles come with an unexpectedly large price tag for those used to buying 100 paraffin tea lights for five bucks at Costco, Wal-Mart or Ikea however, no one should pay money to poison their home! 

When you buy 100% pure beeswax candles, you are making a health investment. Stay tuned and we'll share with you on our next blog post just how healthy beeswax candles are!

Reduce Soot and Improve Air Quality in Your Home

How to Reduce Candle Toxins

If you're concerned about scented candles and the possibility of toxins, there are ways to reduce soot and improve air quality in your home without completely giving up your candles.

  • Only burn one scented candle at a time.

  • Make sure your wick is trimmed each time you light your candle.

  • Do not burn any candle for more four hours at a time.

  • Use a cover or lid, or store new or cooled candles in airtight containers to keep them free of dust and other airborne particles.

  • Only buy good quality candles made in North America, Central Europe, or Australia. Cheap, poor quality candles could potentially have lead wicks, low quality wax, and synthetic colors and fragrances.

Also, keep in mind that soy candles are not petroleum-based and create much less soot than their paraffin counterparts. Similarly, candles made from 100 percent natural beeswax are toxin-free.

Decide the Level of Risk for Yourself

Since candle companies aren't required to list the exact ingredients used in their products in the United States, it is impossible to know for sure whether there are any toxins present. It is good news that most companies adhere to the standards set by the National Candle Association, but a consumer would really need to research the manufacturer's practices to find out that information. Unless a definitive study is ever conducted directly on a company, it will be up to consumers to look at the facts that are known and decide for themselves about the safety of the candles. 

This risk is why Flicker Box exists - to help you make healthy candle choices within the home. Flicker Box can just be a monthly subscription for you where you're hoping to discover new candles or hoping to get more bang for your buck, but our mission is to discover American-made products that we KNOW are safer and healthier for you to use in the home :)



October Box: Leaf Peeping

If there is one thing candles are synonymous for, it's the Holidays. So it's no wonder that we were long since sold-out of our Leaf Peeping box before the month ended.

And with the great vendors we chose, we think we hit the ball out of the park with this one!

Box theme: Leaf Peeping

Month: October

Vendors: Midnight Owl Candle Co.Anchor Hocking (same company that makes all the lovely American-made depression glass), and Armadilla Wax Works

Contents, fragrances, value and burn times:

-8 oz mason jar scented Autumn Leaves - 40 hours - $8

-8 oz wood wick tin scented Mulled Cider - 40 hours - $10

-votive scented orange cinnamon - 15 hours - $2

-straight edge votive glass - $2

-maple leaf floating candle in assorted colors - 5 hours - $7

- PLUS bonus muslin stamped bag with candy, book of matches and business cards/coupons

TOTAL BURN TIME: 100 hours
TOTAL RETAIL VALUE: $29 with shipping included

blogger image: PenPal Productions

blogger image: PenPal Productions

blogger image: Bits & Boxes

blogger image: Bits & Boxes

A day in the life of a Flicker Box(er)

We've heard the old quote "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." by Confucius  - and to some that may seem ridiculous because we all have things in our daily job life that we don't particularly LOVE but we do love the job as a whole. Here at Flicker Box HQ we do ALOT of things that have nothing to do with sniffing and burning candles all day (though that is a large and glorious part of our job description).  BUT all the other little things add up to a terrific job - and we have no complaints! So we asked owner Kristina if she could elaborate on what it is she would typically do for Flicker Box on a daily basis to see if she felt the same way :)

1. Marketing & Social Media - "I spend lots of time each day searching and reading blogs and websites and looking for sometimes looking for marketing opportunities. I also spend time (probably too much) on social media sites such as Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter." Here at Flicker Box HQ we love to look at how the world views and uses candles in their every day lives and social media is a terrific way for us to research and reach out to real candle lovers!

2. Customer Service - While we have a staff to take care of our customer's every needs, Kristina spends about 2 hours a day answering phone calls, emails, etc and other correspondence to Flicker Box customers. Topics can range from payment and shipping issues to receiving compliments for their perfectly curated box :-D

3. Monthly box logistics - Because Kristina chooses the theme and contents of each box, she spends a HUGE chunk of the month ensuring that her vision of each box is followed through. Sometimes there are unexpected issues that need immediate attention and other times she is simply working on the next box. Kristina says, "I have always lived my life holiday to holiday or season to season, so just in general life I am constantly inspired to curate each month's box. Sometimes an evoked emotion or memory will inspire the next box or just a simple love for a city could inspire a Flicker Box. That's the fun part!"

"The inspiration is the easy part..." says Kristina "...it's looking for the right candle artist, size, shape, price, and fragrance that is very difficult." 

4. PACKING - Today we begin the marathon of packing our October 'Leaf Peeping' box, which takes us roughly 1 week to assemble, pack, and ship each and every box. Over 40 hours of work per month go into physically handling our boxes!

....Of course, we have our leader Kristina to remind us that *maybe* we should add some extra crinkle paper to that box for extra protection and we have our lazy office assistant (Soma the German Shepherd) to drop toys at our feet beckoning us to play - but those are just fun little tidbits about our day...

We lay out each box, tape, scissors, twine, shipping labels, matches, business cards/post cards and candles across a loooong table and as a team, assemble each box. Once, we've laid out all our box assembly pieces, we begin to package HUNDREDS of boxes. Our process is as follows:

Step 1: Stamp inside box
Step 2: Stamp outside box
Step 3: Build inside box
Step 4: Tape outside box
Step 5: Fill inside box with candles
Step 6: Tie inside box with bakers twine
Step 7: Put inside box in outside box.
Step 8: Tape outside box
Step 9: Address box
Step 10: Ship!

...Did we mention we like to watch Top Gun when we assemble boxes?!

So there you have it! A day in the life of a true Flicker Box(er)!


Flicker Box vs other Subscription Boxes: Why Choose Us?

Ever since Birchbox introduced itself to the world 4 years ago, they've lead the way for every subscription box company that currently exists. We've become accustomed to a subscription box for everything imaginable - so in a sea of options, why should Flicker Box be the one box (or 2nd, or 3rd, or 4th...) that you choose to shell out your hard-earned cash for?


We've seen a few other candle subscription box companies come and go, and we're not sure why they're gone, but we're still alive and kicking! Sure, there are candle-of-the-month clubs offered, but what we've noticed from them is that they're pricey, they often come from one candle maker, and often include a singular candle, or sometimes a sample of another product they offer. We don't do that. And...


Most subscription boxes, while offering a wide variety of products fill their boxes will sample sized products. Nothing inside a Flicker Box is a "sample". Everything that we include in our box is something that you too can purchase from the very same company. Sure, we often work with companies to create Flicker Box exclusives, but they are always the full product. An actual candle "sample" within the industry is either a fragrance chip or something that looks like a small round tin of lip balm, but without the wick. You can imagine if we filled our Flicker Box with these, you'd have lots of fragrance options, and it'd probably blow you away to open a box full of fragrance chips with coupons from industry leaders - but wouldn't you rather have a candles?... Yeah, we thought so too!

While it seems you're probably really getting a lot for your money from sample boxes, most of the samples that these boxes have acquired you too can acquire from a walk in the mall!

-Make-up, fragrances, and other beauty samples are ALWAYS passed out for FREE at department stores and other beauty outlets like Ulta or Sephora. Get a make-over and they'll throw those samples at you!

-For food, companies that are new or introducing new products are always willing to supply samples to whoever wants them. (Hello, new Lay's potato chip flavors!)

-Let's not forget there are entire blogs and websites devoted to scoring freebies and samples from industry leaders such as P&G, General Mills, etc. that'll mail stuff right to your doorstep in exchange for your email address.


Flicker Box was founded on the idea of supporting local candle artisans. There are literally tens of thousands of skilled candle makers throughout the United States who you'd never find at the mall or shopping plaza. Often times, their candles are made with a better quality than anything found at the mall. With that in mind, we don't take corporate freebies!

The top-selling candle retailers within the United States will never be found inside a Flicker Box because those large corporations do not share our mission to help advocate for American manufacturing. We won't just throw in whatever item comes our way and "hope" you like it! 


There's a little hidden secret inside many of the big-box store candles that doesn't get widespread news attention: they are often unsafe. 

-Mass-produced candles are almost exclusively made with paraffin wax, synthetic fiber wicks, and chemical fragrance oils. Paraffin, derived from petroleum or oil, is just not something you should be burning within the confines of your home. 

-Mass-produced candles are often made over seas and have less restrictions - such as lead wicks. While this occurrence is found far less often in 2014 than in past decades, it is still known to happen. You'll ALWAYS want a cotton wick. Better to just not chance it - stay away from candles made in China.

-The small-batch candles that Flicker Box scours the United States for, work exclusively with only the best and all-natural ingredients to make their candles. They work with American soybean farmers to create a long-lasting soy wax; create their fragrances from essential oils; and often used recycled glasses/containers. 


We see the subscription box advertisements pop-up around social media daily..."Just pay shipping!" or "Your First Box Free, Just Pay Shipping" or "Only $10/month + $15.95 for shipping and handling." These are smart tactics on the part of subscription box companies, especially those that have small, weightless items - they make it seem like you're really getting a good deal. 

With Flicker Box, EVERY SUBSCRIPTION option (whether 3, 6, 12 months or month to month) comes with shipping included. Have you ever felt a Flicker Box?! Our boxes weigh in at 2-4lbs each! And we know you've had to ship packages around the holidays only to be FLOORED with the cost of shipping. We see bloggers post reviews and YouTube videos spouting off the retail value of the box, but always overlook the cost of shipping (or that it's even included in our box). Other box companies will charge you a one time flat rate fee in addition to their small monthly cost, but we just take care of that for you and include that in the cost of your box - saving you $8 per box!


Each month, Flicker Box chooses a theme and begins to select candle items to fit within that theme!

-Themes could be 'Chicago' where we'd include only candles made within the City of Chicago or are perhaps named after things in Chicago. A theme could also be something whimsical or seasonal, like 'Halloween'. This gives us the freedom to select items for you without choosing them at random - because who wants a coconut scented candle in October?

-We also try to make our themes broad. For instance, we'll never fill a box with the same fragrance made by different companies, i.e. rose. We'll choose something like 'Garden Fresh' and use the freedom to select floral and herbal options to accommodate all our subscriber's likes. 


to curate: to select, organize, and present, typically using professional or expert knowledge.

Founder Kristina has years of knowledge from working WITHIN the candle industry. It is this professional and expert knowledge that lead to the creation and success of what Flicker Box is today. Without having to include corporate freebies and other samples, Kristina single-handedly chooses every candle that is included inside a Flicker Box.

-Can you imagine if you had to search the internet, Etsy, craft fairs, small boutiques and markets for the perfect candle? It'd take forever...and cost loads in shipping! Flicker Box offers that service for you!

-When curating a box, our founder, Kristina, looks for diversity, quality of candle, value, and inclusion of the theme. 

-Boxes will come with soy wax, palm wax, beeswax, or a blended combo. They will come with wood wicks and cotton wicks. They will come with tea lights, floating candles, votives, candles in glass jars and candles in tin containers. 


This holiday season, when you're looking at what subscription box to purchase, choose Flicker Box because:








Choose Flicker Box and subscribe today!

Tealights 101

Each month, while curating our box we ALWAYS try to include diverse items into our box, not just in fragrance or even wax type but in size AND in the type of candle (i.e. votive, glass jar, tin, etc.) Often, we include a number of tea lights. We recently heard from a long-time subscriber that while she loves the tea lights, she has managed to accumulate quite a collection because she never burns them...and this is completely understandable. We can freely admit that at first glance, these little candles don't seem like they would do a whole lot. So we wanted to put together a little Tea Light 101 to help introduce the idea of using tea lights into your home :)


tealight (also tea-lighttea lites or tea lightt-lite or tcandles) is a candle encased in a thin metal or plastic cup so that the candle can liquefy completely while lit.

-They are typically small, circular, wider than their height and inexpensive. Because of their small size and low level of light, multiple tea lights are often burned simultaneously. 

-A tea light usually burns for 3 to 5 hours


Because of their small size, tea lights require different conditions to burn properly and safely. Doing so will ensure that you don't need to worry about accidents so that you can enjoy the beauty of their light in any room of your home.

-Large candle holders can hold tea light candles, but the best option for holding tea light candles are holders made specifically for small candles. Appropriately sized candle holders will keep the tea lights from moving around while burning and, as a result, will provide a safe burning environment.

-Keep the wick trimmed. Even though a tea light candle is smaller than a normal candle, it still can burn for a long time, and as it burns, the wick will become long. A long wick leads to a larger flame, which is more hazardous than a small flame, and a large flame burns the candle faster. Maintain a short wick length by trimming the wick with a pair of scissors every couple of hours. The wick should never be more than a half-inch long.

-Keep the tea light candles away from flammable objects. The best way to maintain a safe burning environment for tea light candles is to keep the candle away from any flammable objects. Do not place the candle near curtains or other fabrics, and never place the candle beneath anything that can catch on fire.

-Avoid placing a tea light candle on top of a plastic surface, even if it is in a holder, because the heat can cause a fire. Keep the candle in an open space and you will enjoy many hours from the tea light candles and will keep your home safe.

-KEEP AWAY FROM the reach of children and pets that may be attracted to candles. We've known lots of little kitties who are immediately attracted to flames. Tea lights can easily be tipped over or even scooted off counters by curious pets and children. 


-Carve the insides of apples, pumpkins or gourds and pop in a tealight. Perfect for almost any occasion!


- Tip any stemmed wine glass upside. Place simple decor under the belly of the glass such as flowers or other trinkets and then set a tealight on the top of the stem. Very easy and inexpensive!

-Hollow out soft wood trees in the shape of a tea light and simply place the tea light inside. Very stunning and beautifully organic.

-It may seem like not enough, but simply place the tealights in their original containers around an open space. The natural light will provide a beautiful amount of ambiance!


If you're not feeling crafty or you'd rather go for a more traditional look, here are a few inexpensive tea light holder options we found doing an easy online search.

Mercury Glass Candle Holder, Multi, Antique Silver $5 - West Elm


When opening your Flicker Box each month, you'll always see a diverse amount of candles and we're sure the tea lights get buried to the bottom of the candle drawer for some other larger or prettier candle. And who can blame you...they are just these small little candles that won't last that long or won't smell very strong or just has no way to be burned in your home!

But remember: each one of these little guys burns for 3-5 hours! So if you're getting 5 in your box, that's 25 hours of burning time!

Trust us - burn those tea lights! Sure, in a expansive room with 12 foots ceilings these little guys won't make your whole room smell, but try them in a smaller bathroom, office or bedroom. Try placing these on the dinner table when you have some house guests over - they won't overpower your food but will surely impress your guest(s)!

Get a little creative and put your tea lights on a china saucer; line them up along your patio railing or simple place inside a mason jar. And next time you're out shopping at a craft store, a home store or even just Target, head to their candle section; do yourself a favor and pick up 1 or 2 little tea lights holders :)



Did you know?!....

Did you know...

...that each month our boxes are curated to a theme?! Every thing that we include in the box corresponds with that month's theme! Included in the top of each box is a Storycard where we include a small profile on the artisans we've chosen to feature that month, as well as the box's theme title at the top.

We've never known many subscription box services who offer this unique take on "box-of-the-month-clubs" and we like it that way! Flicker Box likes to do things just a little differently AND it makes it really fun and exciting for us to plan each and every box. We always look forward to finding new artists and new fragrances that fit whatever has inspired us that month. 

Themes can be pretty much anything; inspiration for the season, a whimsical take on a holiday, or even a city! Here at Flicker Box HQ, we can get inspired by pretty much anything and we feel so lucky and privileged that we get to scour the United States discovering the highest quality candles available and share them with our subscribers.

Here are all the previous box theme's we've curated:

-September 2014 - Summer's End

- August 2014 - Booze Infused

-July 2014 - Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses

-June 2014 - Garden Crush

-May 2014 - Flicker Box Favs (all our favorite vendors and candles from the previous year)

-April 2014 - Bookworm

-March 2014 - Austin, Texas

-February 2014 - Sweet Love

-January 2014 - Snow Day

-December 2013 - Home for Holidays

-November 2013 - Sugar N' Spice

-October 2013 - Halloween

-September 2013 - Forest Fresh

-August 2013 - Chicago

-July 2013 - Sun, Sand & Sea

-June 2013 - Herbal

-May 2013 - Debut Box - Beeswax

Price Change Announcement

Flicker Box prides itself on sourcing the highest quality U.S.-made small batch candles possible for our customers. While that curation process is costly and takes lots of time and effort, we never want to compromise on our high standards.   

Our price increase is partly in response to the rise of costs across external suppliers and services as well as the cost of goods from our chosen artists. We love to support our local guys and we know our subscribers do too, so this small increase will help us and our customers continue our support of local businesses. Supporting U.S.-made, small batch, candle artisans means we can continue our commitment to organic, clean-burning, high-quality candles. 

If you're currently a subscriber or have been in the past, pat yourself on the back for being a supporter of both our small business as well as an advocate for American manufacturing by supporting small-batch candle artists.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
...did we say Thank You?!

Effective 8/20/2014, Flicker Box will be raising ALL of it's subscription prices for NEW subscribers. The price increase is minimal and current subscribers will be unaffected, but it is still something we must do in order to continue to provide you with the quality you've come to expect!
The price increase is about 7% across the board. So, if you're still on the fence about subscribing, I can think of no better time to start than before this price increase on 8/20.

Here's the breakdown of new versus old prices:

Old Prices
monthly - $25 for your first box; $32/month each month after
3 months - $96 one time payment
6 months - $165 one time payment
12 months/ bi monthly - $165 one time payment
12 months/ 1 year - $300 one time payment

New Prices
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Bigger is not always better...

at least, when referring to candles!!!!

We admit, walking around the mall and seeing those big fancy candles in glass containers gets us a little excited too! But unlike comparing a 2 liter of soda next to those mini cans of soda, just because the candle is bigger doesn't mean you're getting more out of it. 

Candles have wide variation in how long they burn and the quality of their fragrance based off how they are made. Using synthetic materials is a lot like faking it; a lot like adding unnatural ingredients like MSG to food. Of course, you can still eat it, it might fill your appetite and it even smells really good, but in the end, it's really not good for you. Candles are much the same.

 At Flicker Box HQ, sometimes we hear that our subscribers wish there was one "larger" candle in the box or that the smaller candles are often confused as "sample sizes". But when it comes to candles, bigger is not always better - and we can safely assure you that there are no sample sizes in our boxes. Small batch, quality made candles don't NEED to be in a big fancy jar. Most of the artisans we find have made a career out of getting as much burn time as possible using the smallest amount of resources to do so. Sometimes an artist's entire candle lineup will include nothing over 8 oz - not because their too cheap or unskilled to make anything larger, but because anything larger is unnecessary and would just burn forever!

Let's use our May Flicker Box Favs box as an example of burn time. In our box, we included a 6 pack of tealights from Wax Works Candles in Lemon Chiffon, Very Vanilla and Pink Magnolia. Each tealight burns for 4-6 hours so the whole package of 6 tealights last up to 36 hours!

Then we included 3 votives from Armadilla Wax Works in Midnight Bloom, Orange Slice, and Vanilla. Each votive burns for 15 hours for a total of 45 hours!

We also featured The Flying Farm's mini glass mason jar in Sweet Tea which has a burn time of 35-40 hours!

Lastly, we included Brooklyn Candle Studio with their fabulous 2 oz tins (often called travel tins so you can pack 'em up and take 'em) in both Green Tea Lemongrass and Grapefruit - each one of those tins lasting up to 12 hours!

So in one box, Flicker Box curates a total of 145 hours of burn time - that's burning a candle straight for over 6 days!

ONE of those larger, paraffin mall candle brands cost upwards of $25 and will get you ~110 hours of burn time that leaves black soot in the jar AND in your home - not too mention smelling just one fragrance that you could get sick of quickly. 

We hope all of this is helpful to you so now when you are shopping for candles, you'll remember that sometimes bigger is not always better :-D

Getting to know a Flicker Box Approved Vendor: The Flying Farm


Shop Name: The Flying Farm

URL/Website: www.theFlyingFarm.etsy.com

Located in: Taylors, SC (near Greenville)

What is your shop name:  My shop is The Flying Farm.  When I was a child my family camped in the Canadian wilderness every summer.  Since we couldn’t risk ruining or losing real toys, my sister and I entertained ourselves with our imaginary farms which had to also be flying farms since we moved to a new campsite each night.  Today, The Flying Farm represents to me all that is magical, fun and creative in myself.

What inspired you to become a candle artist?  I have always adored candles and visiting candle shops were such a wonderful treat.  The scents, the shapes, and the mesmerizing flicker of the flame- it’s all so wonderful!  I used to love visiting historical sites where you could purchase tapers that you dipped into vats of colored wax!  I’m not sure how historically accurate that was, but I could have stayed there all day and I envied the workers who were assigned that job.  Ironically, I don’t dye my candles today, but I am still obsessed with candles and can’t resist picking them up and sniffing whenever I see them. 

What items in your shop are you most proud of?  I really love my wedding favors!  I’ve been to so many weddings where the favors get left behind or tossed as soon as guest get home- a huge waste of money!  Guest love the candles, though, and rather than get left behind, they occasionally get swiped by other guests who want more than one!  Brides can choose from any of my regular scents or from some wedding exclusive scents or they can even request something special to fit their theme.  Each favor is personalized with a label in the wedding colors with their name and wedding date.

What do you believe sets you apart from other candle makers? I feel my fragrance line is what sets me apart from others.  I currently use 8 different fragrance manufacturers rather than just 1 or 2 that most use to save on shipping.  I want to provide the very best to my customers, so having a variety of sources allows me to find the strongest and most unique scents.  Also, I only sell what I absolutely love myself.  I don’t choose scents because they are popular or sell well for someone else.  I may be the only person in the world who likes Peppercorn, but it has a spot in my line-up because I think it is complex and amazing and I like to burn it in my home.


Contact info: at etsy- www.theFlyingFarm.etsy.com and also visit my Facebook page for exclusive fan coupons - https://www.facebook.com/TheFlyingFarmSoyCandles


Getting to know a Flicker Box Approved Vendor: 4th Street Candle Co.


Shop Name: 4th Street Candle Co.
URL/Website: www.4thstreetcandleco.etsy.com

Located in: Monroe, Michigan

Where are you located?  I live with my family of six, dog and two cats in Monroe, Michigan.  I have a daughter and three sons. My kids range in age from 22 to 3. I homeschool my teen son. Our house is very busy.  

What inspired you to become a candle artist?  I have always loved candles.  I worked with another "wax company" and didn't like having to meet a quota.    I decided to learn how to create my own candles.  

What item in your shop are you most proud of?  I love my 8 oz masons.  Long burning enough to enjoy, but not so big that you have to commit to a certain scent for a long time.  I particularly like my hang tags.  I used to make my own hang tags and decided last year that it was a job I needed to "contract out".  My hang tags are now created by the talented Cohen from the Etsy shop Pacokeco.  She took my original design and tweaked it a bit.  She hand cuts each of my tags.  I think that makes my candles extra special :)  All my candles are dye free.  I wanted a candle that could go with any decor.  I had a few people that I knew that had commented that they hated to find a candle in an awesome scent and they didn't like the color. 

My favorite scents in my line are Gingerbread Cookie, Spiced Cranberry and Southern Apple Pie....in that order ;)

 contact info: